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The Flagship range is the pinnacle of the Mount View Estate range. Made only during exceptional vintages, the Flagship wines encapsulate everything Mount View Estate strives for - purity of flavour, complexity and elegance.


Both of our vineyards produce fruit of exceptional quality. In certain years, the climate, soil, grape variety and winemaking combine perfectly to produce a truly great wine from a single vineyard. These wines are included in our Reserve range.

Hunter Series​


Mount View Estate owns one of the oldest vineyards in the picturesque Mount View region of the Hunter Valley. Both vineyards produce fruit of exceptional quality which is handcrafted in our boutique winery. Our elegant 'V-series' wines are sourced from these two vineyards and showcase the unique terroir of Mount View.

2015 Reserve Shiraz Viogner

2011 Methode Champenoise Chardonnay Pinot

2014 Flagship Shiraz

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