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2017 James Halliday Ratings

We are pleased to announce that James Halliday once again rated us five red stars in his 2017 Wine Companion, and scored several wines over 90/100! We've included some of Halliday's latest ratings and reviews below.

Hold onto your (now sold out) 2014 Flagship Shiraz (96/100)! "This has greater depth of colour than the Reserve, but paradoxically, is more elegant. The French oak (33% new v. 20% new in the Reserve) is another point of difference, but both wines are superb.

Drinking to: 2044 SOLD OUT 2014 Reserve Shiraz, 95/100: "The sheer power and length of the palate are intimidating, as is the complexity, picking (at will) characters from cool climates as well as the (very) warm Hunter Valley. The fruits are predominantly black but there are also red flashes, and the tannins intertwine with the earthy nuances and the oak." Drinking To: 2044 Price: $40 Member's Price: $28 2015 Reserve Semillon, 94/100: "Has the special squeaky acidity, a tactile mouthfeel that catches parts of the mouth as it moves around, highlighting the lemon/lemongrass flavours and prolonging the length. Newborn, but destined for greatness." Drinking To: 2025 Price: $40 Member's Price: $28 2015 Reserve Chardonnay, 94/100: "Typical of the chardonnay style that has proliferated in the Hunter Valley over the past 5+ years. It has a bracing edgy/pithy character to the citrus stone fruit fusion at the heart of the wine, and you don't really notice the oak." Drinking To: 2028 Price: $40 Member's Price: $28 2014 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, 94/100: "My, my! Even the cabernet flourished in 2014. This is fleshy and luscious, but not the least cooked; it has dried herbs and Hunter Valley earth to give texture and structur, the length and balance faultless. Clever winemaking." Drinking To: 2034 Price: $40 Member's Price: $28

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